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DIY Electronic Building Toys Self Assembled Motorcycle Brine Power Battery Education Intelligence

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DIY Electronic Building Toys Self Assembled Motorcycle Brine Power Battery Education Intelligence


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1.Bring the fun to kids.
2. New Environment Protect Power.
3.More Funny and educational for kids.
4.Green Salt water power is more safe for kids.
5.Light and safe plastic easy take for kids.
6.Just need salt water as the power.

Name: Brine Power Self-assembled Motorcycle
Package Size: 30*17*6cm
Package Weight: 280g
Power: Salt water with the concentration of 20%(Prepare by yourself)

1x Brine Power Self-assembled Motorcycle Set

About the manual
1.In assembly process, cut every plastic part with tool d; burrs should be cut by the
method in the instruction on page 3.
2.In the arrangement of the connector wire, avoid pulling the wire(on pages 8,12,13
and 14). Pulling may lead to no function of assembled products.
3.In the assembly of the connector, do not sharply wrench the copper sheets and the
specific method can be found in the assembly of connectors on page 12.
4.In the assembly of various gears, compare the manual and real objects, and carefully
distinguish gear shape features of P3, P4, P5, P8, A1, A2 and B7. Then assemble them
in the order and method of the manual, and do not mistake or keep upside down.
5.The axies of a right and a left eccentric wheel C3 are in the dislocation of 180
degrees(see page 12 of the manual); otherwise the S walk cannot be achieved.
6.In the assembly of the fuel cell box, place items in the order of negative poles,
non-woven fabrics and magnesium sheets in correct positions which are indicated on
page 4.
7.After every usage, take out the fuel cell box in time and clean remains on the
negative poles, non-woven fabrics, magnesium sheets and connectors by the ways
specified on pages on pages 19 and 20; otherwise it will no longer be usable.
8.During use it may move inconsistently or pause. In this case please remove the
residue(Figure C in Page 19) on the connectors and the residue on the magnesium plate
and the negative plate lug.
9.Carefully understand every assembly step of the manual, and accurately assemble
every component in its position.

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